Quercus virginiana Heritage

BOTANICAL NAME: Quercus virginiana "Heritage"™
COMMON NAME: Heritage Live Oak™
DESCRIPTION: A cross between Quercus virginiana and Quercus fusiformis, the Heritage Live Oak™ exhibits the best characteristics of both. It is a rugged drought tolerant tree well adapted to the desert, one of the most cold hardy of the evergreen oaks and is fast growing with adequate irrigation. With a mature height and spread of 30' to 50', the size in desert landscapes can be regulated by irrigation. Available as a standard low fork/multi trunk or our new Fiesta™ which are multiple trees planted together. Each with it's own unique place in the landscape. Hardy to 0 degrees.
LANDSCAPE USE: As a standard it is good as an accent tree, street tree, in schoolyards and commercial landscapes. Both the low fork/multi trunk and Fiesta™ are good as accent trees and in informal landscapes.
LANDSCAPE LOCATIONS: Heritage Live Oak™ have been beautifying desert landscapes for over 25 years and can be seen in many residential, commercial and public sites. Prominent locations are. New York, New York Casino (Las Vegas), Thomas Road (Phoenix), Pima Community College (Tucson).
CARE: Provide regular deep irrigation until established. Irrigate more frequently while rapid growth is desired and reduce irrigation to slow growth rate. Very strong branches require little pruning once pruned to walk under height

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